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You Never Can Tell: Chuck Berry; Bob Seger; Bruce Springsteen | Tim's Cover Story

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You Never Can Tell

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Call no man happy 'till he dies! I thought the same thing, which made me very sad, and I wanted to see if I was the only one who caught that. Very ironic and sad song about a happy young couple that started off a great life and died on their anniversary on the way to the place where they first met. Flag maxl on January 12, I'm so glad to hear this, Maxl! When I told my friends my explanation of the song, some thought I was a fool… I hope our interpretation will do justice to Chuck's genius! All the best, my friend!

Flag paolobeatles on January 16, You don't have funerals at a chapel, dumass. Chapels are for weddings. A funeral is held at a funeral home or a church. There are so many holes inn that theory it does't even seem like its worth pointing out them all. Especially as they rung the chapel bell is in the first verse, not the las. Not to mention that the wedding is in the past, they have now been married for a year.

Flag Lollipop on March 27, MANY holes?! As regards the second objection, I do not see the point Hugs, my friend! Flag paolobeatles on March 28, Berry wrote this song shortly after being imprisoned for transporting a minor over state lines for immoral purposes. The song has more to do with being in love and being married while not doing things the way the previous generation the old folks would do them.

Instead of being a dull married couple in a house with a sensible car and children, the couple live in an apartment, play Rock and Roll records, and drive a souped up car. Still, although they are eschewing the values of their parents and grandparents, a year later, they're still very much in love.


General Comment As mentioned, this song is about a teenage couple that managed to stay together, against the odds. The oldsters who observe this, having expected it to fall apart quickly, are surprised and say "huh, that's life, you never can tell". This song probably had personal meaning to Chuck Berry. In , he was arrested and imprisoned on trumped up charges of violating the "Mann Act", related to a sexual relationship he allegedly had with an underage girl.

This song was written while Berry was in prison. And no, this song is not about a young couple who have died, as one comment would have it. The use of past tense in the song is just the perspective chosen by the songwriter, nothing more.

You Never Can Tell

Someone understands what the song is actually about! Taking the year it was written into account, the song has a lot more to do with the new generation and the burgeoning counterculture than anything else. They did not die. MANY songs are written in past tense! General Comment Pulp Fiction rules. General Comment I really like the Chcuk Berry songs with the one driving rhythm, this is one of those. General Comment great song. Chuck Berry was so 'cool' back in the days, f'real. General Comment Damn I am not a big english speaker but it seems so obvious: "But when the sun went down, the rapid tempo of the music fell Young people have plenty of 'fun' in the night.

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I don't know what the custom is where you're from. Here, at night time, you turn the music down, slow it down, the day is over Flag sally on August 13, General Comment Chuck Berry wrote it and it's been played and played but still has life in it. One thing it says is that not much surprises old people.

You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell
You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell
You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell
You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell
You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell
You Never Can Tell You Never Can Tell

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