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The Association has created a xeriscape demonstration area at the Administration Office for owners to view. The demonstration area includes many native tree, shrub and forbs species. We are using drought tolerant grasses in small turf areas, native rockwork, mulched planting beds, native and drought tolerant plant species and using drip systems wherever possible.

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This xeriscape demonstration area is located at the Administration Office at Port Avenue in Vista. Please take a look at the xeriscape fact sheets as you prepare to work on your landscaping plans for your home and you can visit this very helpful website for tons of information regarding lawn and yard care here:. Fact Sheet no. Fact Sheet no 7.

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Use of native plants, shrubs and trees offer a familiar and varied habitat for local wildlife. Xeriscaping has been embraced in dry regions of the western United States. Prolonged droughts have led water to be regarded as a limited and expensive resource. Denver, Colorado, was one of the first urban areas to support xeriscaping. That citys water department encouraged residents to use less of the city's drinkable water for their lawns and gardens. Xeriscaping has become widely popular in some areas because of its environmental and financial benefits. The most important environmental aspect of xeriscaping is choosing vegetation that is appropriate for the climate.

Vegetation that thrives with little added irrigation is called drought-tolerant vegetation. Xeriscaping often means replacing grassy lawns with soil, rocks, mulch, and drought-tolerant native plant species. Trees such as myrtles and flowers such as daffodils are drought-tolerant plants.

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Plants that have especially adapted to arid climates are called xerophytes. In desert areas like Phoenix, Arizona, xeriscaping allows gardeners to plant native xerophytes such as ocotillo.

Supporters of xeriscaping say it can reduce water use by 50 or 75 percent. This saves water and money.

Landscape Design

In Novato, California, residents were offered conservation incentives reductions in their water bills to convert from traditional lawns to xeriscaping. The citys water department estimated that the houses that chose xeriscaping saved gallons of water a day.

Another main component of xeriscaping is installing efficient irrigation methods. Drips and soaker hoses direct water directly to the base of the plant and prevent the water evaporation that sprinklers allow. More efficient irrigation is also achieved when types of plants with similar water needs are grouped together.

A xeriscaped landscape needs less maintenance than an area landscaped with grass and water-intensive plants. The most common example of a xeriscape-friendly plant is the cactus, which has hundreds of different species that are native to North and South America. It does not refer to a dry, barren landscape, and it is by no means a "no maintenance" landscape.

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By using plants that are well adapted, mulches that suppress weeds and conserve water, and efficient irrigation systems, these landscapes can offer color and fragrance with only monthly or seasonal gardening chores. Xeriscape is not a landscape style or garden design. Xeriscape is a concept of water conservation that may be applied to landscapes of any style, from traditional to English, Japanese to Southwestern.

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They may be formal or natural looking. The principles used to develop Xeriscapes are good horticultural practices applied to our unique High Plains desert environment. These handouts are part of our Water Conservation class series, including xeriscaping and other landscaping and gardening tips. Outdoor Irrigation Efficiency Audit. Xeriscape Plants for Front Range Gardens. Plant This, Not That. Deer Resistant Plant List. Planting a Blue Grama Grass lawn from seed. List of Xeriscape plants. Two Xeriscape Garden Designs. Contact a local Master Gardener a. Find the perfect plants, shrubs and trees for your gardens and landscaping.

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