The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)

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And, yes, all these streets really do exist in East Hampton; indeed, Martha Stewart, perhaps the Hamptons most notorious convicted felon, had a house on Lily Pond Lane. But he has also written several cozy crime novels set in the Hamptons.

The Bone Orchard

Further Lane takes place over an East Hampton summer with a TV celebrity and lifestyle guru a very Hamptons job title if ever there was one Hannah Cutting found dead on a beach. The murder sets the community at odds with each other — Old Money vs. New, tree-huggers vs. Establishment WASPs. Gin Lane brings back many of the same characters with an equal amount of Hamptons snobbery, name-dropping, celebrity spotting, and attempted murder. The House That Ate the Hamptons gets deep into one of the acts considered a real crime down in East Hampton—unlicensed building construction.

Not that he needs the publicity, but James Patterson with his sometime writing buddy David Ellis did a five-part murder mystery Murder House set in the Hamptons and released as episodic e-books launched in It takes place in a multimillion-dollar beachfront house that was once the scene of an unsolved mass murder. Detective Jenna Murphy arrives to investigate a fresh murder in the house—this time of a well-known Hollywood player.

More bodies; more episodes; a bit more Hamptons. Then his next-door neighbor winds up drowned in her own bathtub. He man ram man Etsy. A man is hiking up a snowy mountain, he comes across a cabin.

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Ram Man, one of the earliest figures from the vintage MOTU line, is finally available in the Classics line as a fully articulated figure, with a new tool that's almost twice as big as a standard figure. One of the most potent symbols in occultism is the Pentagram. Battle Ram is primarily focused on Masters of the Universe as it. It was a sheer drop outside the building to the ground. This was a great selection for me to read as I kept my husband company during a long day of tests in hospital. By the day's end my Kindle battery ran out so I finished it last night. In summary, a super exciting read, lots of violent confrontations but no foul language, some male-female attraction but no sex scenes.

Probably a book guys would like a lot. Feb 07, Alan Bennett rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-books. A good follow up to The Poisoned Rose. Another page Turner of a thriller with plenty of twists and turns. Thoroughly enjoyable although I had to shake my head a few times at the amount of beatings Mac took and was still able to run to the rescue! A good story though and I will look forward to reading the third book, The Gin Palace.

The detective dishwasher of this trilogy is a tragic figure in many ways. The story is engaging and complex. I find the reluctance of Mac to use his gift of detecting and solving mysterys to pay the bills to be somewat old after a while. Mac is misunderstood and mistreated in many ways. Aug 04, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-free. Okay, but not great.

Sometimes I felt like I was missing things from not having read the first one. Also some sloppy parts. I had trouble liking the characters--no one to cheer for. Jun 08, Evan rated it liked it. I liked the characters and the dialogue. I got frustrated at times. I'm not sure why. Maybe if I'd read the first book the pieces would have fallen into place for me better. Oct 02, Chaplain Stanleigh Chapin rated it liked it.

Decent story line was interesting, but the main character seems fuzzy,alternating between a wimpy dishwasher and college graduate and martial arts black belt. Mar 22, Wendy rated it it was amazing. Mac is a man just trying to get through the days, nights and years of his life. His father left him as a child, told him he would come back for him. But he never did. He's wondered why his whole life. The Chief of Police has had it in for him just as long. One bad thing after another happens when he tries to help people who have no where else to turn.

It's a fast story and it doesn't slow down as he tries to just stay alive at times. Needs better editing for missing letters and your instead WOW! Needs better editing for missing letters and your instead of you're, but overall a great read. Looking forward to the next book in the series!! Apr 15, Laura Branton rated it really liked it. Wish I had read book 1 first I really enjoyed this book. There are a few spoilers that I believe revealed the central plot of the first book from this trilogy. This was necessary as there are some long-standing history between the main character, Mac, and the police chief and a man named Frank.

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  4. The plot was interesting and kept me guessing throughout the story. I recommend this book. Jul 23, Kathe H. The plot moves from the beginning to the penultimate and the final result. The characters are well-developed, holding your interest throughout. Even if you did not read the first book in this trilogy, this novel could stand alone.

    Jan 09, Fiona Zakka rated it really liked it. A good suspenseful murder mystery A well written murder mystery with enough twists and turns and well rounded characters. I enjoyed reading this book it was a fast read that held your attention. Feb 13, Bryan Higgs rated it it was ok Shelves: crime , death , murder. Again, this was a cheap Kindle special, and was merely OK. It was a follow-on from the first in the series, The Poisoned Rose, which I reviewed a little while ago. These books are pretty violent, and the characters portrayed are not ones to whom one might feel sympathetic.

    But the plot sped along apace, and kept my attention. Mostly a "Meh". Sep 21, Paula Montgomery rated it really liked it. MacManus is in the business of protecting people of all kinds. The book is fast paced moving from one confrontation to another. He has one bruised and battered body.

    He manages to help his friend Augie and to solve several mysteries about a crime and about his own life. Nov 03, Susan Matthews rated it really liked it. The Bone Orchard There was a twist to the story which was good. What I did not like was that the main character was constantly being hurt and then got up and acted as if nothing happened to him. Dec 13, Rebecca Novak rated it it was amazing. Great read! Daniel Judson will take his place among the great story weavers. Hi uses adjectives like butter on hot toast, his words melt into Al l the nooks and crannies of the story in just the right way.

    Jan 09, Nancy Harmon rated it liked it. I lost interest in the story about halfway through. The protagonist seemed to have a serious death wish that put me off. Nov 24, Betty Schroyer rated it liked it. Ok Background info was sketchy. Storyline must be consumed with book one, since this was book two, I was a little lost in the history.

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    Nov 27, Suzanne rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this second in the trilogy. Jan 18, Dewey Carroll Brackett rated it liked it.

    The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2) The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)
    The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2) The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)
    The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2) The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)
    The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2) The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)
    The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2) The Bone Orchard (The Gin Palace Trilogy, Book 2)

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