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To honor their children even as they mourn them every day. Avielle was only six when the gunman took her life. I never wanted to know it. But I do want to know Avielle, and I am grateful to her parents for doing the powerful work they do in her name. There are many worthy names and hope-inducing stories that never make it to the news. Instead, we are bombarded with the names of those who do harm—to our children, our towns, our nation. I am a news junkie. I read and watch and listen to those stories.

I feel it is my responsibility to stay informed. Throughout the ages, uninformed, head-in-the-clouds citizens have allowed motivated crazies and hate mongers to rain travesties down on their communities and nations. An informed populous is the bedrock of democracy.

We have to stay awake to the reality of climate change, the erosion of our democracy, racism, sexism, and all the other isms that have been energized by social media, rampant capitalism, and egocentric leadership. If all we do is immerse ourselves in the stories of bad people doing bad things to each other and the planet, we will sink under the weight of a lopsided story. We will feel alone and outnumbered when really, there are so many beautiful, kind, and creative people doing wildly imaginative and brave things at this very moment.

This is why I try to eat a balanced news meal every day. You may have to search for the hopeful stories, but they are hiding in plain sight. You will have less time for the nasty stories, the mean-spirited ones, the destructive ones. And you will not want to fill your mind with violent television shows and movies that are really glorified shoot-em-up video games.

You will get tired of superheroes that continue to meet violence with more violence. You will want to know the names of a different kind of superhero. Let me share with you a few of those names.

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She is the co-founder of Omega Institute, recognized internationally for its workshops and conferences in wellness, spirituality, creativity, and social change. This essay was featured in the Feb. You should. She was the bookkeeper at an Atlanta elementary school who prevented another massive school shooting from happening. How did she do this? Not by being armed; not by threatening more violence. Rather, by staying in a small room and calmly communicating with a deranged year-old gunman, even though she had many opportunities to escape.

For more than an hour she spoke to him from her heart, persuading him from using his loaded AKstyle rifle on the hundreds of children right outside the room. A news team makes a cringe-inducing video. C-Lane has a taco …. ESPN is under a unique kind of attack. Justin Timberlake calls out some audience members. Wales looks to ban a certain type of discipline. A male birth control pill may be closer than ever. A state attourney drops all charges …. Shawn is underwhelmed by the big Apple announcement.

A cruise ship has a wild …. USA, not so much. A mother has terrible names for her children. A seniors center gets some special brownies. A writer has awkward advice for parents. The Swiss are …. Chiropractic porn is becoming a thing. Toy Story 4 gets a new character. A Twitter user goes viral for licking an airplane toilet. Sabrina has a softball moment. There may be STDs in …. April the giraffe has another baby and no one cares. Snowplow …. A British woman is told her top is a little too risque for an airplane. A blind boy is a ….

Streaming services are mad at Apple. Madonna has a wild sleepover. The show learns of the passing of a longtime caller. Shawn discovers the milk coke while C-Lane admits to drinking another odd milk combo. Sweden looks to robots to interview potential new hires. A rapper who …. A man is shot over his snoring. Shawn recaps Captain Marvel.

A woman's jaguar selfie goes horribly awry. A man is investigated by the Fish and Wildlife commission …. Someone wants to move the capital of Florida. Sweden has a do nothing job. A DJ remixes R Kelly's recent …. A 5-year-old calls for the Momo challenge. A new PC game may be the most offensive yet.

A new water company is blasted for …. The billion dollar …. Shawn has another instrument HE says needs to go away. C-Lane goes to a wedding. A man survives on restaurant hot sauce for a couple …. Kids figure out an alcohol they can buy. People come to blows over crab legs. More info arises about the woman who bailed out R. A Tennessee man literally …. Shawn is sick with the flu, so Rauce Padgett sits in for the show and makes fun of C-Lane's shoes.

C-Lane gets stuck in air travel hell. He still posts the podcast for you from his uber in New Orleans, because he loves you. The Mayor of Tampa's Twitter …. A pet accessory company come under fire for its customer service practices. Someone want to alter a Scorsese film. Shawn talks a bunch of smack in the …. Shawn thinks his girlfriend's fear of hawks may have merit. Flight attendants get investigated after a video of a skit emerges.

People are revealing WAY too much on British …. Amy Kaufeldt has a coffee emergency. Anthony Hamilton's …. Kelly has another tape, and Florida produces another doorbell licker. NASA announces a death in the family. Jessie Smollett gives his first …. SunFest releases their lineup and Shawn wants to go again. Shawn improves his …. With Sabrina and C-Lane out, Fritz once again joins in on the fun. A video of a bat causing a scene at a NBA game leads to a frightening video of a man dying …. A realtor in Pennsylvania is going viral after listing a massive house with its own sex ….

Scott joins the show as producer for the day. Bezos exposes Pecker. Lauryn Hill's fans are still mad at her. A Florida commissioner resigns after people find out about her …. Shawn thinks golf would be a good sport to go along with the …. Shawn has an idea for a new drug education program. Fritz on the Street debuts in its new slot on Wednesdays.

A boy named Trump will be at the State of the Union. Girl Scouts get more creative selling cookies. A governor taking heat is excited to show off his dance moves. Shawn needs a name for a new segment. A fisherman …. A Brevard man with an unfortunate name is arrested. Russell Brand takes on Mr. The week-long missing lawyer mystery comes to a …. A woman just can't stop herself from masturbating.

A TV producer loses his job over sports shade. An annoyed mother turns to waterboarding, and …. Schools get creative with videos announcing a snow day. A new iPhone feature has a serious flaw. A woman is unhappy with her plane seat. A new condom hits the market. A Florida man spends 41 days in jail for …. Tom Brokaw puts his foot in his mouth.

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An Orlando attorney has been missing since November and no one seems to be talking about it. The former CEO of …. Josh Pinkman is here along with a producer for the day, and his wife, forever known as New C-Lane. Now we must teach him how to podcast the show. Hilarity ensues. Laughed so hard we posted the podcast late. Learn things at the end. Blah blah blah. We love you. Mean it. Florida keeps its 1 spot in something awful.

A hacker scares a California woman through her Nest …. California wants to get rid of paper receipts. A TV station thinks your Facebook challenges could be …. Jimy Buffett's national anthem sounds very Jimmy Buffett. The Pope releases a prayer app. The FDA makes threats over e-cigs. Jon Bon Jovi helps the …. A project aims to match released prisoners with people needing roommates. A man tries to save his favorite pizza joint.

Shawn is distracted by the name of …. Angry unpaid TSA agents have a new form of protest. C-Lane watches the first of the battling Fyre …. Donald Trump serves up a different dinner to the Clemson Tigers. Gillette's new ad campaign has peopel …. A Trump opposer gets a visit from the Secret Service. Kylie Jenner gets knocked from the top of Instagram royalty. Metallica enters the beer …. Have a good weekend! Amazon's Jeff Bezos splits with his wife and money. A Seinfeld classic really is a thing. Cruise ships get the norovirus. Denver may decriminalize magic ….

Lorena Bobbitt's story is getting a documentary. C-Lane is really into a creepy new Netflix show. Frontier wants to shake up air travel. A weatherman is out of a job after a slip-up. A Florida man denies owning items found in his rectum. A Chicago Bears fan has words after a missed FG attempt costs them ….

A Canadian man gets his smart doorbell infiltrated. Sabrina is pissed at Bruce Willis' new deal. A man makes a cross-country trip in a …. Elon Musk shows off Tesla's new tunnel cars but some are underwhelmed. Shawn has audio of an awkward National Anthem disaster. Disregard the other one Unless this one sucks too. A Walmart employee quits his job in epic fashion. Parrots …. C-Lane forgets what happened today after Nations Trucks brought early …. A Russian TV station tries to pass off a costume as a real robot. VitaminWater has a ….

Habits of a news junkie

Congress looks stupid interviewing the CEO of Google. Change is coming to Sesame St. The Young Tapes stop by and the Half Man calls in to talk about …. Shawn is looking forward to a Netflix documentary. A callers schools the show …. Shawn has started watching a new show. C-Lane recaps the havoc weekend that followed …. A man gets passionate over a bagel sandwich. A Cape Coral man …. C-Lane records a duet with himself. Scientists have a weird penis measuring job. The Oreo Run isn't what C-Lane thinks it is. Recreating Christmas Vacation backfires for a family. A racist organization tricks Brett Favre.

Ozzy Osbourne has a brush with death. The International Space Station gets a robot. Applebee's debuts …. Dispatchers everywhere have accounts of gigantic squirrel sightings. You can't watch porn at Starbucks anymore. C-Lane tells The League jokes that nobody …. A daredevil wants to tightrope over a volcano. An Australian farmer can't sell the …. Junkie cat keeps Shawn awake. NASA has new photos of Mars. A Florida town may get a new name. Computers determine the English language's funniest word.

Cyber Monday shifts into full gear. NASA prepares for a landing on …. Everyone is confused over a sports headline. The show meets a new caller. Jim Philips comes in for a chat. Dispatchers tell a lot of …. VIP sell out quickly. GA still …. Josh stops by to drink beer. A caller claims marijuana sales is protected by law.

A Chinese man dwarfs Shawn …. Young adults participate in a weird office tradition. Protesters bombard …. Trumpy Bear re-emerges on Fox News. Shawn buys a new …. Sad stories emerge from the California shooting. If you've been on a plane recently, you could get …. C-Lane recaps the previous night's Ed Sheeran concert in Tampa. Japan is developing AI news anchors.

A sports reporter is caught in an …. A man catches flack for the timing of his proposal. Normal programming and results! Sabrina hosts Zoo Dun It. A newborn is abandoned at the happiest place on Earth. A tragic death over the weekend hits home for a caller. OJ Simpson's Halloween costume turns heads. A band is too young to play a stop on their tour.

A flight attendant gains steam online for his funny safety …. C-Lane judges a costume competition. A woman goes a bit far with her halloween decorations to protest her HOA. Shawn and C-Lane vary on …. Dispatchers debate whether Almond Joy bars are good or not, but everyone agrees candy corn sucks. Other listeners have a different name for the night before Halloween.

Reese's has an answer for your kids' bad candy problems. A TV presenter thinks she'll be taken more …. Sabrina does stand-up at the Sausage Castle. A father picks the worst Halloween costume possible for himself and his son. HBO has a new job title for their shoots. A girl …. Friday - Live from Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 28, Shawn is late to the show and Sabrina and C-Lane ran to a bar immediately after the show and no one posted the podcast until now.

Enjoy the …. Middle school school aged girls are caught threatening their school. Lady Gaga gets …. Shawn updates as pipe bombs are found in the mailboxes of politicians across the country. Burger King says their new burger creates nightmares. A new sex move aims to spice up your love life. Nobody wins the mega …. A man is seen making an epic beer run. A dispatcher writes a song for a …. A new AI is getting more human-like.

A reporter has an interesting way to convey a large amount of tainted pork. Shawn comes around on ash …. Dennis Hof dies. A teacher is arrested for having sex with a student at a pep rally. A woman loses her job over a viral video. Roseanne responds …. A woman makes a business out of renting sex dolls to people who have lost loved ones. Sabrina has a big screen debut. A man tries banging his car. An F repairman has a bad day on the job. Hurricane Michael left behind destruction and huge mosquitoes.

Robots are doing parkour and Shawn isn't excited. Kanye West reveals his cell phone code …. A man dies in a bizarre accident at a Metro station. Game of Thrones wards off spoilers. Kanye visits the White House. A woman mistakes a real knife for a fake and stabs someone. Richard Branson wants to put people in space. Shawn thinks an year-old …. A limousine crash in New York leaves sorrow and questions. President Trump visits Orlando. An Oktoberfest celebration gets awkward.

The UFC event creates …. Sabrina gets sing-songy. A man claims a ghost planted drugs on him. So does Alabama, according to their common searches. A teacher is assaulted, then it gets worse. Toys R Us may be coming back. Dr Dick is in deep trouble. The world looks to screaming sausage video for a distraction.

Another teen claims to be selling her virginity online. French bar patrons get quite the …. Florida finds out if they'll be keeping Daylight Savings Time for good. President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have a budding bromance. Shawn and C-Lane debate …. A Halloween Death Comet may have the perfect shape. Facebook gets hacked. The show talks to an Orlando man who proposed to his girlfriend on Jeopardy. Naked people …. A Florida teen is arrested for what she brought to school.

A dentist …. Michael Rappaport and Barstool Sports have a …. A 7-year-old girl stuns with her version of the national anthem. Sharon Osborne speaks …. Shawn visits Disney World for the first time in awhile, but one of the attractions may have been shut down. A state congressman's family hates him. A Texas prison …. Shawn has deja vu while Trump has well wishes for hurricane ….

Shawn looks back on taking acne …. Shawn isn't rushing to defend a man going viral for shaving on a subway. Marco Rubio takes a stand against Salt Bae. A longstanding Disney tradition is coming to a close soon. The internet has a blast with a Weather Channel reporter covering Hurricane Florence. Shawn finds a story about murderous robots. Good Charlotte gets …. Parents take issue with the level of accuracy used in an active shooting …. Nobody trusts Mark Wahlberg's daily routine.

Sabrina finds out the Beatles masturbated together. A wrestling group may be banned from …. The show looks back on their experience on the day of the World Trade Center attack. A man gets in trouble for re-arranging the letters in an Arby's sign. Sabrina and C-Lane delve into the deep archives of the show, where …. Shawn barely paid attention to the football kickoff. President Trump …. Shawn has more qualms about robots. Domino's finds themselves in a dilemma overseas.

SUV Plows Into Shoppers, Displays At Chicago Mall!

South Korea's birthrate …. The woman caught dipping her chicken tenders in Coke speaks out. Dispatchers reminisce on songs they misheard the lyrics to. Concert tickets see a surge in price. A former Cosby actor is shamed for his job. People …. People are going nuts over Ryan Gosling's moon landing movie.

The government is investigating a very unlikely target. Vegas gets itself a super …. Shawn is excited about insect stories and the possibility of a real Jurassic Park. Everyone is craving ramen. A pilot trolls a reporter after crashing his plane. A stingray has a virgin …. A child is punished by a teacher for an unusual reason. The show talks to a beekeeper who was called out to remove a giant hornets nest from an El Camino.

A serial …. A gaming tournament in Jacksonville ends in tragedy. John McCain dies after his family announces the stop of …. Michael Cohen gets a GoFundMe page. A post about a racist drink order goes viral. C-Lane takes over the show by himself …. Shawn has words with the texters after a similar service in Australia made a radio host cry. Madonna's VMA speech honoring …. A stand-up comic gets heat for an awkward …. Dispatchers line up birthday shout-outs. Callers chime in about their SunPass woes as customers continue to rack up charges. Tara Reid needs …. Shawn wants to challenge Sabrina to an ear wax competition.

New competitors emerge as Moviepass crumbles. Elon Musk wants to build more tunnels with fast, cheap transportation. C-Lane thinks Shawn's IQ test isn't an accurate …. Moviepass has more problems. Another Instagram personality has a home water birth. C-Lane and Sabrina are excited for a concert. The Meg …. A hacking convention in Vegas should have hotels and casinos on edge as the …. Buffalo Wild Wings may have a game-changer on deck. C-Lane wants to join the Space Force. The Oscars adds an award. Shawn has questions about a TV ad.


Things take a turn for the worse when Shawn has an update on a news story about a fetus found in an airplane lavatory. Shawn is freaked out by another new robot. The show learns about weird sports when C-Lane gets …. The show gets a terminology lesson after a man is caught in a compromising position with a pony.

The fight against straws starts taking aim at plastic bottles. Alex Jones cries censorship as his channels are removed from major internet …. Identical twins marry identical twins. Jimmy Buffett continues to take over the state of Florida. A couple is looking for a person to make their wedding night special. The Kiki challenge continues to go wrong for people. Sabrina wants to put her dying wishes in writing. C-Lane's has a friend who went on a mystery vacation. The Ultimate Pinewood Derby 2 gets a date and location. A man doesn't remember bringing a gator in a convenient store.

Jeopardy may be getting a new …. C-Lane is out and headed south and Josh jumps in to hangout. Shawn scored a 50 but is everyone else more attractive? Also, a violin was worth a whole …. Someone spots lights on in the I-4 Eyesore.

Shawn volleys with the …. Shawn and Sabrina don't know how to boil eggs. Dispatchers celebrate a very special birthday. Shawn re-watches Jaws and comments on how Spielberg movies still hold up. A parking lot incident turns deadly in Clearwater. Shawn gets frustrated during Live Trivia. Radiohead examines a years-old mystery. A bartender kicks major ass. A "crowdfunded" food solution catches wind, but C-Lane thinks it's a …. C-Lane ruins lunches during a discussion about Sandra Lee, the Pimple …. A large mass of diamonds is found. The idea of a pilot-less plane is thrown around.

A woman is in critical condition …. A jaguar gets loose at a zoo in New Orleans. A man picks a bizarre CSI plotline to plan out his …. A politician pulls an immunity card to get out of a speeding ticket. Cops flip a coin on whether to …. Shawn is skeptical about a pilot program involving reclaimed water. A man with no arms is ….

A dispatcher is still annoyed by fireworks a week after the 4th. Listeners …. Shawn returns from DC and applauds Orlando Sentinel for getting on board with the Orlando homeless problem. Steel Panther has a controversial guitar pedal. Businesses are turning heads for not accepting cash. Shawn is gone, having extended his Washington DC vacation. Sabrina recaps 4th of July injuries. C-Lane gets to the bottom of the Cocoa vs Cocoa Beach …. A caller chimes in with a frightening story. Starbucks catches …. Best Buy stops selling Compact Discs. A missing cruise worker survives in the ocean for 22 hours.

Sabrina goes after some coveted …. The Man employs a childhood favorite. A woman in Mexico has a bad parasailing accident. A World Cup fan dies after a freak …. Dispatchers continue to sound off on Jurassic World with mixed reviews. A public transportation customer plays enforcer. The crew learns …. People are outraged about the outcome of gang violence at a Brooklyn bodega.

A number of people are being denied service due to Trump Administration positions, Johnny Depp has a revealing interview with The Rolling Stone, …. He's busy in his Presidential Suite. Shawn runs red lights. Have a great weekend! A recent speech from President Trump yields some interesting sound clips. AMC makes a bold …. The secretary of Homeland Security kicks into gear after a dining misstep. A man shoots himself in the penis. C-Lane …. Callers and dispatchers continue to chime in on the current state of immigration.

A couple is on the line for a large amount of money after their …. The show re-visits what you should do in case of a …. A roller coaster derails in Daytona Beach. Sabrina sings a song on behalf of …. A time traveler calls in. Target pulls a greeting card after catching heat for its …. California considers splitting into three states. A soda with an offensive name hits a little …. Everybody remembers the situation in which they found out …. May is officially the hottest month in years, Chuck E. Cheese is ramping up security after multiple fights over the years, a dog, Pippa, famous ….

Shawn finds audio of the cringiest news reporter around. After a dispatch, Sabrina and C-Lane remember plenty of summer camp songs that …. The Private Jet Pastor claims he wasn't asking people to pay for his jet he was. Shawn and C-Lane ponder over updated …. The Supreme Court makes a ruling on the bakery that refused …. Somehow, the podcast doesn't get posted til Sunday. The show tries their hand at some spelling bee words.

A time traveler …. Roseanne Barr loses her reboot after some …. C-Lane ponders Frank Caliendo's take on the situation. Shawn is fascinated by the idea of splicing animals together. Sabrina reaffirms her affinity to …. C-Lane translates when Dispatch Dan describes his weirdest call. Morgan Freeman is the latest celebrity to have harassment allegations against him. The show ….

A girl is spotted ordering breakfast after a long night of …. The sky was briefly rain-free this weekend. Schools may be getting facial recognition software. Orlando may already have it. A pair of lynx sound …. Everyone but C-Lane watched the Royal Wedding. The stalker-level texter give a breathy, weird interview. Mario Batali has a bad …. Sea World counters with an interesting deal. Pit bull enthusiasts erupt after a child is …. Employers around the country start to adopt a "free-range" office style.

The Internet …. American Airlines …. C-Lane and Amy Kaufeldt wage war over tomato juice. Sabrina hosts a bingo game. A man is seen pleasuring himself on a bus. Everyone wants to go fishing but nobody wants to wake …. Parents are mad about their kids' grades.

What’s New

C-Lane wants to take the GED test for fun. Lil Tay is stupid. A woman who won't get off a Spirit flight sounds …. Shawn talks to the CEO of a company making digital license plates that could …. Google's new AI offering sound so real, it's hard to pick out …. An AirBNB checkout turns into a nightmare. Huey Lewis speaks out about his hearing. A woman calls the show who had an ear nightmare. That's the only part C-Lane heard. Shawn finds out about a restaurant with a bad inspection record. A man is arrested after being caught banging a car. A magnet is …. A four year old girl wants to mail her late mother a ….

The Boy Scouts are sorta dropping the "boy" and allowing girls. Another Southwest plane has window issues. Caitlin Jenner looks to get married. Scotland is trying to price out their drunks. Junkie babies are on the rise. Shawn is infuriated about the broken promise of a parrot announcing a draft pick. Callers offer mixed explanations of 4G vs 5G. A city erupts into …. Amanda is the best ever. A guy …. C-Lane and Sabrina look back on how they learned about the birds …. Dispatchers brag about going to the Foo Fighters concert.

Shawn is fascinated by a string of lies being told by …. Amazon wants to put junk in your trunk. A veteran gets the first ever full penis and …. The Royal Family has a new member. Shawn learns something new during a story about executions.

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A college professor has some choice words about Barbera Bush's passing. A cop spends …. More information comes to light on the Southwest emergency landing that took a life. A man is interviewed after keeping to his Fortnight game while a tornado ripped through his neighborhood. Another singer has trouble with the national anthem. An incident at a …. Heinz might take the guesswork out of combining mayo and ketchup.

C-Lane is concerned over a door auction. Johnny Tempo calls …. Wawa has a secret menu. Shawn still doesn't know how to pronounce Cannes. Tom and Dan come in to talk about their new …. Sabrina dives into the magical world of facial hair. The TSA may be cracking down on your snacks. Teachers are getting armed with mini baseball bats. The internet reacts to Mark Zuckerberg's testimony. A two-alarm fire breaks out at Pirate's Dinner Adventure.

Tucker Carlson has a weird obsession with pandas. A sandwich featured in the New York Times is intriguing some, grossing out others. A woman shows off her brand …. A new scam aims at blackmailing people who cheat in …. Fritz joins the show in Sabrina's absence.

News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie
News Junkie News Junkie

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