New Ways of Studying Emotions in Organizations

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Emotions at Work – Organizational Behaviour

Sociology Compass Volume 2, Issue 2. Emily Meanwell Indiana University Search for more papers by this author. Joseph D. Wolfe Indiana University Search for more papers by this author.

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Tim Hallett Indiana University Search for more papers by this author. Read the full text. Tools Request permission Export citation Add to favorites Track citation. Share Give access Share full text access. Ashoka has a three part strategy which includes accelerating empathy entrepreneurs, partnering with top schools, and changing the conversation to shift societal views of empathy. Character Lab. Researchers, designers, and educators work together to discover the ideas and strategies that build character, translate scientific insights into educational tools, and create next-generation measures for the purposes of research and self-reflection.

They do so by conducting interdisciplinary research, building capacity and disseminating knowledge.

Mindset Works. Mindset Works provides resources and training to cultivate a growth mindset school culture, including the Brainology curriculum and other resources for students, teachers and administrators. Their programs are based on research by co-founder Carol Dweck and her colleagues conducted at Stanford and Columbia. Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching , Carnegie. CCSSR has established the Becoming Effective Learners survey measures, a research project to develop high-quality measures of noncognitive factors.

Six Seconds helps to promotes positive change by researching and sharing current science about emotions and the brain through a practical methodology. Their work focuses on scientific research around skills of emotional intelligence EQ — and how these skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. Institute for Research. The GTL Center is committed to working at all levels of policy and practice to ensure that social and emotional learning is integrated into existing educator effectiveness reforms and professional development systems.

This brought four major investment areas into focus: stores, online and omnichannel experiences, merchandising, and message targeting.

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We mapped the concentrations of Flourishers in all U. The change is paying off. Further analysis has revealed opportunities to open hundreds of stores catering to underserved Flourisher populations. To free up capital for new stores, the retailer is closing ones in low-Flourisher areas. Emotional-connection analytics have also allowed the retailer to understand which aspects of the in-store shopping experience are most important to Flourishers. It tested targeted communication and in-store promotion of the option and saw a material lift in sales; it has now committed capital to a nationwide rollout of the capability.

As a test, it expanded its presence on photo-sharing social media sites and encouraged customers to submit selfies showing their favorite outfits and styles. The retailer is now designing and testing store experiences to leverage nearly a dozen other drivers of emotional connection.

7.4 Emotions at Work

Each touchpoint was scored according to its potential impact on emotional connection and spending. Statistical models then revealed the most powerful combinations of touchpoints at each stage of the customer journey, allowing the retailer to hone its omnichannel strategy and prioritize investments. For example, Flourishers say that using a computer to shop online via an easy-to-use site is important to purchase decisions. In reality, the ease and allure of the mobile site and the availability of services such as ApplePay have a far greater impact on emotional connection and spending levels.

The retailer is using such insights to design investments across e-commerce, mobile, and social media that will build emotional connections with Flourishers.