Micro-Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

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Micro-machining technologies have been the subject of many studies and developments over recent decades due to their importance in the production of micro-moulds, micro-valves, medical components, micro-electrical-mechanical-systems, sub-miniature actuators, motors and micro-products generally. This chapter defines some key terms in the context of micro-machining and then outlines material considerations, challenges in obtaining the desired surface finish, simulation techniques, process and machine aspects of micro-machining, and it finally provides examples of micro-manufacturing sectors and applications.

The principle of water erosion was exploited in the middle of the XX Century as a tool for industrial purposes.

Micro-Manufacturing Technologies and Their Applications

Nowadays the effectiveness and flexibility of Waterjet technology is well known in a wide range of applications and this machining solution is evolving towards fine manufacturing on small features. This dissertation firstly discusses the main characteristics of Waterjet equipment and the process parameters influencing the final result. Then a deepened analysis of micro Abrasive Waterjet micro-AWJ technology is presented along with some cases of study in order to show the technology potential through its actual performances.

Electro discharge machining EDM is one of the most widely used non-conventional and contactless technologies for the manufacturing of materials featuring electro-conductivity, high hardness and strength. The functioning principle is based on a series of discrete electrical discharges occurring in between two electrodes, the tool and the workpiece.

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EDM includes different technological approaches: wire, drilling, sinking and milling. Micro-EDM allows to machine micro-features and devices for many applications in industry, aeronautics and recently in the medical field. In this chapter, fundamental issues related to micro-EDM are addressed and some common strategies for the evaluation of machining performance are presented. Moreover, representative examples on the efficient use of such technology and related approaches are reported.

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Moulded Interconnect Devices MID refer to free form components made of polymer with added electrical conductors, isolators, etc. MID are being used in various industry sectors like telecommunication antenna , automotive motorcycle handlebars , medical hearing aid and many others, due to the easiness of integration thanks to the geometry freedom. This chapter discusses, in terms of advantages and main challenges, the main MID materials and technologies, such as Two-shot Injection Moulding, Laser Direct Structuring, Hot Embossing, Aerosol-Jet Printing, and presents an overview of their application sectors.

The ability to produce complex, high-precision, miniature components is key to the transition to high-value manufacturing.

Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing

The advanced manufacturing industries, using precision machining techniques, such as diamond turning, injection moulding, micro-milling and micro-electro-discharge machining, currently have a number of capabilities for measuring small-scale structures with micro-scale tolerances, either with tactile or non-tactile systems.

Metrology is essential for the reduction of dimensional tolerances, which allows the production of more efficient machines and the improvement of their longevity by reducing play or wear. In this chapter, contact and non-contact techniques that can be used to measure 3D features on the micro-metre scale are reviewed.

The trend toward miniaturisation of the last decade has caused a real revolution in the manufacturing of many products and systems in several fields, trying to reduce volume and weight, and integrate more functions in a smaller space. In this regard, it is quite relevant and important to understand the existing and future trends of micro-manufacturing not only from technological perspective but also from non-technological and managerial perspective.

Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology

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