Learn Git in a Month of Lunches

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Learn more about reporting abuse. This is the math repository from the book "Learn Git in a Month of Lunches". Website for gitmol. HTML 1. Seeing something unexpected? Take a look at the GitHub profile guide. Skip to content. Dismiss Create your own GitHub profile Sign up for your own profile on GitHub, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers.

Learn Git in 20 Minutes

Sign up. Learn Git in a Month of Lunches gitmol. I'm a book about Git by rickumali. Block or report user Report or block gitmol. Version control concepts 2. Version control for the software developer. Version control for the organization.

Learn Git in a Month of Lunches

Distributed repositories. A quick tour of Git 2. Using the GUI to tour a Git repository. Using the command line to tour a Git repository. Getting Oriented with Git 3. Getting set up 3. Git command-line syntax. Improving command-line efficiency. Controlling long output with a pager.

Making and Using a Git Repository 4. Understanding repository basics. Creating a new repository with git init. Tracking files with git status and git add 4. Using git status to check your repository state. Using git add to add a file to your repository. Committing files with git commit. Viewing the repository with git log and ls-files.

Using Git with a GUI 5. Starting Git GUI 5. Creating a repository with Git GUI. Adding a file into the repository via Git GUI. Further exploration 5. Other GUIs for Git.

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Tracking and Updating Files in Git 6. Making simple changes 6. Creating a new repository. Adding and committing changes to the repo. Thinking about git add 6. An analogy to introduce the staging area. Adding changes to the staging area. Understanding the staging area. Lab 6.

Understanding command-line nuances. Committing Parts of Changes 7. Deleting files from Git. Adding directories into your repository 7. Reconsidering the stage analogy. Committing parts of a file by using Git GUI. Committing parts of a file using git add -p. Removing changes from the staging area. Resetting a file to the last committed version. Understanding consequences of partial commits.

Lab 7.

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Working with multiple hunks. Changing your mind with a delete. The Time Machine that is Git 8.

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Working with git log 8. Using gitk to view the commit history. Making proper commit log messages. Checking out a specific version 8. Understanding HEAD, master, and other names. Going back in time with git checkout. Breadcrumbs to previous versions. Lab 8. Viewing history part 1. Committing while in detached HEAD mode.

Taking a fork in the road 9. Introducing branches 9.

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Creating references. Understanding that master is just a convention. When and how to create branches 9. Introducing new code with branches. Introducing fixes with branches. Performing other branch operations 9. Branching faster. Switching branches safely 9. Stashing away your work. Lab 9. Using the GUI for branch work.

Merging branches Considering point of view: traffic merges into us. Performing a merge Starting with at least two branches. Checking the difference between two branches. Performing merges in Git GUI. Handling merge conflicts Merging files by directly editing conflicting hunks.

Merging files by using a merge tool. Performing fast-forward merges Understanding the direct-descendant concept. Further exploration Calculating the base of a merge with git merge-base. Changing how conflicts are displayed merge. Cloning Cloning: making copies locally Using git clone.

Viewing branches in your clone. Working with the bare directory Examining Git repository files. Creating bare directories with git clone. Cloning from bare directories. Listing files in the repo by using git ls-tree. Collaborating with Remotes Remotes are distant places Getting a clone from somewhere remote. Lab Exploring your math. Using other git remote subcommands. Accessing another remote URL.

Pushing Your Changes Pushing sends changes to a remote Permissions are required. Pushing requires a branch and a remote. Verifying a successful git push.

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Deleting branches on the remote. Keeping in Sync Completing the cycle of collaboration. Using git pull : a two-part operation Fetching files from a remote repository git fetch. Merging two branches git merge. Merging a pull Clean merge. Clean merge with nonautomatic commit.

Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Learn Git in a Month of Lunches

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