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Hellenic Immortal is a clever blend of history, mythology, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, mystery and romance. A little something, in other words, for every listener.

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I'm going to stop following the series after this book. No major character or story development and it just didn't have whatever the first book had. I like this story and many other stories books that I have read, yet when narrated by Steve Carlson, his woman voice makes me think of a long time smoking grandmother. It generally brings the whole book down for me. I totally enjoyed the book. I plan on getting the third book in the series just to find out if he dies.

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I bet he doesn't. I'm really liking this series. I loved the first one and liked this equally well. It's as if the author said "What if Mel Brooks' year old man was real These stories are intoxicating, like a wine cask of one's own past life memories, mixed with Hollywood film farce, science fantasy and mythical beings, blended in a glass of fermented folly and friendly fun.

A few too many dryads, satyrs, werewolves etc in this volume. By: Gene Doucette. Narrated by: Steve Carlson.

An Interview by a Hellenic Immortal

Series: The Immortal Series , Book 2. Length: 9 hrs and 30 mins. Publisher's Summary An oracle has predicted the sojourner's end, which is a problem for Adam insofar as he has never encountered an oracular prediction that didn't come true What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. With that realization everyone freaked out for a little while.

Or almost everyone. The residents of Sorrow Falls took the news pretty well. This could have been due to a certain local quality of unflappability, or it could have been that in three years the ship did exactly nothing other than sit quietly in that field, and nobody understood the full extent of this nothing the ship was doing better than the people who lived right next door. Graduate students from a local university are dying, and former lover and FBI agent Maggie Trent is the only person who believes their deaths aren't as accidental as they appear. But the truth can only be found in something from Corrigan Bain's past, and he's not interested in sharing that past, not even with Maggie.

To stop the deaths, Corrigan will have to face up to some old horrors, confront the possibility that he may be going mad, and find a way to stop a killer no one can see. When Oliver Naughton joins the Tenth Avenue Writers Underground, headed by literary wunderkind Wilson Knight, Oliver figures he'll finally get some of his wild imaginings out of his head and onto paper. But when Wilson takes an intense interest in Oliver's writing and his genre stories of dragons, aliens, and spies, things get weird.

Oliver's stories don't just need to be finished: they insist on it. Corrigan Bain was retired. With very few exceptions, nobody even knew he was doing it.


Corrigan called himself a fixer, because he fixed accidents that were about to happen. Alexander Grant is a little too good at a few too many things. Two dozen martial arts. Twice that many languages. Chess, the piano, sports, forging excused absences, you name it. He graduated high school top of his class Of course, no one knows any of this When an experiment to study quantum uncertainty goes spectacularly wrong, physics student Bill Rustad and his friends find that they have accidentally created an inter-dimensional portal.

They connect to Outland - an alternate Earth with identical geology, but where humans never evolved. The group races to establish control of the portal before the government, the military, or evildoers can take it away.

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Then everything changes when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts in an explosion large enough to destroy civilization and kill half the planet. In his spare time Chris is an exorcist without equal, with a gift from God. But when he saves a beatiful girl from a demonic attack, he discovers there is more to fear than just demons.

Finding himself surrounded by vampires and were-weasels and facing a giant short-faced bear, Chris struggles to stay alive, all while protecting his deadly new girlfriend.