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The GFS is also similar to the models above. Wrap around moisture behind the low could produce light accumulations in the higher elevations of the Ozarks. The Euro has been the most of aggressive with more moisture and a more southern track, but even the newest version has backed off on amounts substantially.

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However, it has any light accumulations across northern Arkansas in the higher elevations. Arkansas Weather History. Make Snow. Social Media.

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Chilling Out

Chloe Martin. Kal C. Chris Ryan. Purchasable with gift card. But increasing awareness of the harm that once-common chlorofluorocarbon CFC refrigerants were causing to the ozone layer forced the industry to find alternatives. However, the Montreal Protocol, signed by over countries in , called for the eventual phase-out of HCFCs due to the fact that their ozone depletion potential ODP , although small, is not zero. In , the Environmental Protection Agency established a phase-out schedule severely limiting the production of R by The use of R already out in the open market will not be restricted, but its installation in equipment manufactured after will be prohibited.

Similarly, R has a manufacturing phase-out date of What does all of this mean for a building owner presently faced with the purchase of new, refrigerant-containing cooling equipment?

Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out
Chilling Out

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