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Yet, Kano is forever loyal in his steadfast belief in Computer. There is an almost symbiotic relationship between the two. Kano is quite loyal to his synthetic friend often taking fellow Alphans to task when Computer is questioned and quickly jumping to its defense. So joy has quickly turned into another sobering dose of space reality with the latest mystery on Moonbase Alpha. Once again, the men and women of Alpha are faced with defining the indefinable, swirling forces at work around them in deep space.

Bob Mathias and Russell complete audio and reflex testing only to determine the child may be a deaf mute. Koenig and Russell remain puzzled over the growth spurt. Russell turns to Koenig to reassure the boy is a " lovely child. Perhaps it is out of adoration for Russell's innate maternal instinct. It's indeed a reminder they are all human with human feelings, feelings that have all too often been placed on hold by the circumstances of their unexpected departure from Earth.

Kano seems none too concerned by Computer 's data or lack thereof. The Computer will never shake Kano's steadfast faith. Quietly, in walks Russell with the young Alpha child complete with his own cute, little Rudi Gernreich Alphan uniform. He gets the exclusive Command charcoal. That's not bad for a guy straight out of the womb in just days.

He's clearly on the promotional fast track. From womb to Command uniform black, this little guy is going places an we've yet to catch his name. That's about to change. Russell informs Carter they have named him Jackie. Carter attempts communication with the boy until Russell informs him the boy is deaf. Undeterred in spirit, as if willing hope inside of Moonbase Alpha , Carter springs into action, visualizing and animating the experience of flying for the boy.

He whisks him around Main Mission twirling him about to and fro. For a moment, there is hope and smiles abound as the boy is treated like a son, truly Alpha 's favorite son. Paul even responds favorably calling the boy " Commander. Paul gives the boy a full tutorial on the CommLock fun. The Alphans embrace him as one of their own. It's a button orgy! Koenig and Russell take Jackie to the Command room. Here he learns to push buttons.

You cannot live on Moonbase Alpha until you become a great button-pusher. Something tells me he'll be one of Space 's greatest button-pushers and maybe already pushing them. Let's face it, Alpha has a lot of cool buttons that are fun to push. Professor Victor Bergman spends some time teaching the Alpha child.

The Horror Mythology of Space:1999

As Bergman teaches him about flowers, the boy looks about the room. There's something damn Omen -like about that kid. Wayne Brooks was well cast for the role of the boy. He doesn't need to say anything. He just needs to look like an eerie little Moon child and he does that well with his eyes and blank expression.

All of the Alphans think he's a genuine little cutie pie, but there's a hint of the devil in the boy. The old travel tube isn't going to the top if you know what I mean. He visits the Nuclear Generating Area. His father worked there. Carter spends a bit of time with the boy in one of the Eagles. The boy's eyes scan the many buttons and lights. He is fascinated by them as he absorbs all of this new information into the moving gears of his mind.

In the Medical Section we learn Sue Crawford is still comatose following her shocking revelation and the rejection of Jackie. Koenig is sympathetic to her reaction, which is contrary to the accepting reaction by the rest of Alpha. Koenig's own genuine reaction to the child is negative. His accelerated growth is such an abnormality, and with all Koenig has encountered thus far, he is not connecting to him or willing to embrace the child. The boy spends more time with Bergman where he draws pictures. He calls the boy's work " extraordinary.

Koenig arrives. Bergman suspects the boy's charms have won many hearts on Alpha. Koenig is far too savvy to comply. Koenig is always the man of cautious reason as the necessarily skeptical leader of Moonbase. He remained steadfast in his conviction something was wrong on Piri even as every Alphan fell prey and the odds were stacked against him. Koenig motions to see the boy's drawing and the boy covers it with his hands. Bergman explains away the natural reaction of the boy not to trust Koenig. The boy senses Koenig is unwilling to baby him. At his growth rate, Koenig may be onto something.

Koenig is summoned to Main Mission and in the last moment we see the boy has been drawing a spaceship. How is this for a spaceship design? This is simply extraordinary work. In Main Mission , Koenig orders red alert. A spacecraft is heading toward " North quadrant. The images and designs are stunning for a series from The Alphans look to the sky from Main Mission. A ship hovers over Moonbase Alpha. I'm not sure Alpha would need any greater evidence than this to persuade taking Main Mission underground for Year Two.

This is an imposing vessel and a few precision bombs, or not even, would take out Alpha in a heartbeat. Any chance for survival would be wiped out in seconds. The Alpha child looks on as the Alphans view in wonderment. Carter exits Main Mission for one of the Eagles. Carter bumps into Jackie and assures him he will return soon worried the boy may fear for his departure. Carter takes the Eagle in close to the alien vessel. Computer generates significant data on the vessel.

It's the most information I can recall Computer gathering in some time. Nicely done Computer. Kano indicates Computer identifies life aboard the vessel [doesn't take a genius to come up with that one], but what kind is unknown further illustrating and highlighting the Alphan and Computer challenge.

This is a battle for knowledge and the Alphans are often using their wits and common sense to discover new information without the aid of computers. Carter and Morrow suggest firing first upon the vessel. The boy enters the room and Koenig pauses. He orders Carter to return to base.

MALICE: 1999 - Special Episode

You can't help but wonder if Koenig wasn't thinking about ethical or moral dilemmas with a child on base. Would initiating violence solve their problem? Is physical force or violence their answer? Carter returns and wonders " why? The sheer mass of the ship overhead along with what little data offered by Computer gave Koenig little recourse. The lack of information seemed to yield caution. Moonbase Alpha could quickly become Moonhole Alpha with little effort. This is the most potent dramatic moment of the entry.

It's truly stunning modelling work and still looks amazing. With Sue Crawford's passing, Koenig is hip to Jackie's intelligence, but unclear on his connection to the visiting spaceship. There is indeed a connection and three more ships have arrived. I'm quick with the math. Koenig orders Carter to intercept the vessels with three Eagles. The cameras go out.

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As Carter makes his way to the Eagles he suddenly freezes. Jackie is in the room and Jackie has some special mental powers. Koenig knows something isn't right. He approaches Jackie and Jackie backs away from him. Jackie knows Koenig isn't as easily played. The boy places his hands over his eyes and shrinks away into the corner's shadows. There's something terrific in this moment captured by Director Ray Austin really emphasizing the alien nature of our friend Jackie as the camera captures the expression of Commander Koenig peering in at something entirely alien to his understanding.

Jackie knows Koenig sees something in him and he covers his eyes and looks away as if to hide the truth. Koenig isn't looking lovingly at a child, but rather repulsed by sthe deception of something creepily inexplicable. It's sound work by Austin. Moments later, Jackie is on a gurney taken from Main Mission. The Eagles approach the mystery ships.

Koenig orders Carter to " fire at will. Let's look at the evidence. Alpha has not necessarily fared well against the mystery of space and its many potent forces to date. Given the immense size of these ships would one not deduce these are in all probability technological marvels potentially equipped with weaponry, especially given what Koenig suspects about Jackie's own powers.

This is a bit of a roll of the dice I should think. I'm not sure I would have made such a command decision. It seems like a big risk. Did I mention the stunning modelling work? The Eagles advance, but their lasers have no affect as they deflect off some kind of shield. Koenig orders them to circle around the rear.

Without warning all three Eagles are hit by a kind of electro-magnetic beam and fall back down to the Moon's surface. All of the pilots, including Carter, are knocked unconscious. The shot of the Eagle hitting the surface is pretty unique in that we get a fairly good shot of the landing gear hydraulics absorbing some of the impact. The decision to fire upon these visitors seems ill-advised, but Koenig isn't advised and he has his reasons. Four spacecraft have now encircled Moonbase Alpha.

The model effects are breathtaking. Bain indicates Jackie's cell growth is increasing. Landau would prefer not to recognize the child as Jackie. There's one thing that is certain, Moonbase Alpha is a sitting duck. There's certainly not much of an offense to work with here. Carter knows the Eagles are no match for this surrounding force. Koenig insists Carter was useless on his mission, because Jackie Crawford influenced Carter's abilities as a pilot on the mission.

Koenig suggests what he calls a " primitive " offensive strategy. He plans on sending four men on foot in a coordinated attack effort to penetrate the underbellies of the spaceships with armor-piercing lasers. It certainly sounds impressive. The men chosen for the mission include Koenig, Carter, Morrow and Kano. Now, given all that has transpired, one can only assume this race of beings has a fairly substantial arsenal of armaments and defensive hardware at its disposal.

Why one would think the underbelly would be vulnerable is a bit of a longshot. Then again, it does offer one more chance against a clearly menacing enemy. It offers hope of survival in the face of limited information. At the thirty minute mark, Alpha Child switches it up in style and character. His growth has accelerated his physical stature to that of a fully grown adult. Jackie Crawford is now a man. He's an Alpha child no more.

Jackie comes complete with hairy chest and funky, disco, chic-styled clothing.

He rises from his position of rest and announces slowly, learning to speak, " My name is Jarak. He inquires as to whether his spaceships have been attacked. Russell is clearly shaken by this deformity of growth, a true aberration. She informs Jarak that no action has been taken against his vessels. She is clearly fearful of this being and she should be. Jarak turns to her and forces the truth from her by making Russell physically choke Mathias.

She tells Jarak of the men on the Moon's surface positioned to strike and faints. On the Moon's surface the Alphan men are in position. Mathias wakes Russell. Jarak informs her, " and now you will stop them. Jarak insists she will do it. He is quite powerful much like a Superman. He forces her hand to take her CommLock. Mathias begins to choke. The four Alphans have weapons in position. Russell contacts Koenig imploring him not to fire and that he was right about Jackie. Koenig stops the offensive maneuver and orders everyone back to base. We never did get to see those armor-piercing lasers.

Oh well. They might not have been all that impressive anyway. If the lasers did work, would the ships not just explode on top of Moonbase Alpha? I'm clearly troubled by this move. Using his psi-powers he begins having a physical impact on her. It would appear he has killed her according to Russell. Only, I thought she was already deceased. This was a touch confusing here. Jarak transforms his former mother into Rena.

She too is now a beautiful, alien woman garbed in disco sheik. Both Jarak and Rena kiss. This is an incestuous love affair of extraterrestrial proportions. Now that's a twist. The men of Alpha head to Medical and find Russell holding a stun gun on her fellow Alphans. She is clearly under psi-control. She fires her weapon in a show of force. Instead of the usual yellow laser, we get a blue laser. I believe it is the first display of blue energy discharge from the weapon indicating lethal force. She warns them Carter will die if they don't put down their weapons.

Everyone is slightly stunned, but Koenig knows Jarak, the man formerly known as Jackie, is the variable at work here. Rena and Jarak commandeer Moonbase Alpha and take the Alphans weapons away. Actor Julian Glover is very convincing as Jarak. There's a very Rutger Hauer quality to his work. Gerry Anderson and Space attracted an impressive array of stars. I'm truly impressed at the talent Anderson was able to draw for his series. It's just one more reason I simply remain dumbfounded why this series never achieved a greater respect.

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This is an impressive sequence based on the exchange and performance of its principals. It also sheds light on Jarak. There is much in play about survival in this sequence. There is also an allusion to the extermination of a people as Jarak references his own homeworld. I'm reminded of the novel Survival by Brian Ball, which reminds me of elements here, while the book is far more detailed and expansive in its concepts, I wonder if Alpha Child wasn't a source of some inspiration for that book.

This scene could easily be a mirror into our own global holocausts. It reflects our differences as a human strength, but also one of our most horrifying weaknesses as a people. Julian Glover is exceptional as Jarak. This is an intriguing science fiction concept lending a new twist to the concept of body-snatching as it were. It also points to the fact Jarak was not making out with his mother. The aliens promise to make Moonbase Alpha their new home and in doing so will not overburden the precarious existence of Alpha , but simply destroy the soul of each Alphan supplanting them with Jarak's race of lifeforms.

Essentially, the Alphans will become hosts to these alien invaders. They will incubate within and the Alphans will inevitably die. It's a gruesome thought. It is once again another twist on body horror of the supernatural kind, not unlike the fate of Anton Zoref in Episode 9, Force Of Life. The forces at work in space are vast and frightening to be sure. Alpha Child is another unsettling, frightening excursion into alien possession. Jarak informs Koenig his race is ready to utilize Alphans as incubators.

Koenig is given the stun gun, no longer on stun, and Jarak forces him to raise it to his own head. A fellow Alphan intervenes and Koenig's stun gun fires and kills the proverbial Alphan 'red shirt'. Jarak gives all Alphans an ultimatum. Join Rena and Jarak or have " no future at all. The horror continues as Jarak notifies all Alphans that his people will begin physical transferral into the Alphan bodies from the hovering motherships above Moonbase Alpha.

There is something so desperate in play and so truly hopeless as the noose tightens. Alphans clasp their necks as Jarak chokes the Alphans into submission. The transfer must take place at the moment of life or death. Many Alphans are about to meet their maker. Jarak plans to detonate any physical trace of their ships.

Space 1999 (Complete Series 2)

Their physical former existences will auto-destruct at a safe distance from Alpha. Jarak repeats, " the designated will die, the designated will die. In the end, "W e shall no longer exist.

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  • I love marker scribbles. Good news for the Alphans. The intergalactic calvary arrives to take out Jarak and his fugitive space buddies. One can only assume Jarak and company were the worst of their kind, a prison population of sorts on the lam, in much the same way as General Zod, Ursa and Non escaped in Superman II. Jarak and Rena are on the run zapping anyone and everyone in sight to make their escape. On the run, they don't look nearly as powerful or intimidating. Jarak and Nena arrive in the Medical Section and Jarak mimics Koenig's voice to ensure the medical doors remain closed.

    Koenig arrives there and Kano informs him via monitor that Computer has received a voice-activated order from Koenig believed to be inside the Medical Section. Jarak admits to Koenig he is no longer in a position to make demands, but is looking for acceptance. He insists the Alphan bodies combined with their minds would have been " splendid. Does it matter?